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        2. Changzhou Baokang Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd.
          Nitrobenzoic acid series
          Aminobenzoic acid series
          Hydroxybenzoic acid series
          Chlorobenzoic acid series
          Bromobenzoic acid series

          Add: Huangjindui Industrial Zone, Shanggao County Industrial Park, Jiangxi Province
          Contact: Wu Linna,
          Fax: +86-519-83756102
          Foreign trade: Li Jing
          QQ: 498717846
          Email: anna@baokangchem.com;

          Established in 1988, Changzhou Baokang Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd. (Jiangxi Fangzun Pharmaceutical Chemical Co., Ltd.)is a specialized manufacturing factory, and we are mainly engaged in the research, development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates such as Nitrobenzoic acid series, Aminobenzoic acid series, Hydroxybenzoic acid series and Chlorobenzoic acid series, etc. Now, our products are well sold in Japan, India, EU and USA, and we are always working hard to produce the best products creatively.

          Based on present manufacturing scale, we have founded production bases in East coastal area and Jiangxi Chemical Park separately. At present, Baokang is receiving high reputation in this trade for leading researching ability, leading capacity of developing new products, experienced planning team and sales team. Relying on unique wisdom and efforts of Baokang, we are striving to keep our company the leading position in the development of this industry. At the same time, we are also working hard to make contributions to the promotion of biopharmaceutical industry of China and world with the leading technologies, excellent service and quality products. Baokang looks forward to establishing long-term, stable and broad strategic partnerships with friends all around the world for creating bright future together! 

          Our philosophy: Quality first, customer supreme, credit trustworthy.

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          Changzhou Baokang Pharmaceutical & Chemical Co., Ltd.